Research & Administrative Staff




Lab Managers

John C. Barry

Director of the Paleoanthropology Lab
Peabody Museum 40C | (617) 495-3720 |

Research interests: primate evolution, paleontology, geology, paleoenvironments, Miocene hominoids; Parkistan, Southwestern America.

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Nancy Lou Conklin-Brittain

Lab Manager for Nutritional Ecology Lab
Peabody Museum 52i | (617) 495 9070 |

Research Interests: Nutritional ecology.

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Susan F. Lipson

Lab Manager for the Reproductive Ecology Lab
Lecturer, Senior Researcher
Peabody Museum 56D | (617) 496-1038 |

Research interests: human behavioral and reproductive endocrinology, reproductive ecology.

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Linda Reynard

Lab Manager for the Biogeochemistry Lab
Lecturer, Research Associate
Peabody Museum 58H | 617-495-8053 | Website

Research interests: The applications of stable isotope ratio measurements for bioarchaeology and low-temperature geochemistry.

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Picture of Meredith Reiches

Anna Warrener

Lab Manager for the Skeletal Biology Lab, Postdoctoral Fellow
Peabody Museum 53G | 617-496-8991 | | Website

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Lab Safety

Larry Flynn

HEB Lab Safety Manager, Paleoanthropology Lab
Peabody Museum 40B | 617-496-3945 |

Research Interests: Paleobiology of past ecosystems, especially the Neogene of South Asia and China.

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Administrative Staff

Meg Lynch

Margaret Lynch

HEB Department Administrator
Peabody Museum 52D | (617) 496-1132 |

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Meg Jarvi

Financial Associate
Peabody Museum 52C | 617-496-5043 |

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Lenia Constantinou

Staff Assistant
Peabody Museum 52B | 617-496-1193 |

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