Faculty, Lecturers & College Fellows


Daniel E. Lieberman | Harvard University

Daniel E. Lieberman

Department Chair, Edwin M. Lerner II Professor of Biological Sciences,
Affiliate in the Dept. of OEB
, Head Tutor (Undergraduate) 2013 - 2014.
Peabody Museum 53H | (617) 495-5479
Email: danlieb@fas.harvard.edu | Website | Skletal Bio Lab

Research interests: How and why the human body looks the way it does (functional, developmental and evolutionary anatomy of the skull and postcranium).

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David R. Pilbeam | Harvard University

David R. Pilbeam

Henry Ford II Professor of Human Evolution
Head Tutor (Undergraduate Program), 2014 - 2015
Peabody Museum 51B | (617) 495-4736
Email: pilbeam@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: paleoanthropology, hominoid evolution, anatomy, paleoecology; Africa and Asia .

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Richard W. Wrangham | Harvard University


Richard W. Wrangham

Ruth B. Moore Prof. of Biological Anthropology
Peabody Museum 50B | 617 495-5948
Email: wrangham@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: primate behavior and ecology, human ecology, evolutionary biology

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Terence Capellini | Harvard University


Terence Capellini

Assistant Professor
Peabody Museum 53D | (617) 495-4710
Email: tcapellini@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: My lab's research is on identifying the DNA changes underlying human and non-human primate biological adaptations. In the process of identifying these changes, we seek to reveal basic developmental and genetic mechanisms governing biological trait formation and inheritance as well as their influence on disease risk. In the lab, we use a variety of tools spanning developmental biology, genetics, genomics, comparative biology, and primate/human evolution. Currently, we are focusing on two specific areas: 1) the discovery of the genetic alterations that determine the unique human post-cranial skeleton; and 2) the elucidation of the genetic and developmental architecture underlying the diversity of joint types in primates.

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Peter Ellison | Harvard University

Peter T. Ellison

John Cowles Professor of Anthropology
Director of Graduate Studies 2013 - 2014

Peabody Museum 51F | 617 495-4213
Email: pellison@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research Interests: reproductive ecology, endrocrinology, human evolutionary biology.Back to Top

Katherine Katie Hinde | Harvard UniversityKatherine Hinde

Assistant Professor
Peabody Museum 53B | (617) 496-4551
Email: khinde@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research Interests: "Parent-offspring conflict, sex-biased investment, life history tradeoffs, effects of maternal and environmental conditions on milk production (composition and yield) and the relationship between mother's milk and infant characteristics in macaques. Future research directions include exploring the genetic and epigenetic determinants of milk production and the consequences for infant growth, metabolism, and behavior. Back to Top

Maryellen Ruvolo | Harvard UniversityMaryellen Ruvolo

Professor, Affiliate in the Dept. of OEB, Associate Member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Peabody Museum 54A | (617) 495-3576 | Email: ruvolo@fas.harvard.edu | website

Research interests:human molecular adaptations, detection of selection in primates, evolution of genes related to pregnancy/reproduction, evolution of gene for human athletic abilities, natural selection on networks and gene pathways.

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Tanya M. Smith | Harvard University

Tanya M. Smith

Associate Professor
On Sabbatical 2013-2014
Peabody Museum 47 | (617) 496-8259
Email: tsmith@fas.harvard.edu | website

Research Interests: Evolution of human growth and development, paleoanthropology, primate dental evolution and development.

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Noreen Tuross | Harvard UniversityNoreen Tuross

Landon T. Clay Professor of Scientific Archaeology
Peabody Museum 58 D
Email: tuross@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: Application of biogeochemical techniques, including immunology and mass spectrometry, to archaeological questions. Ancient DNA and DNA damage. Human impacts on the land, paleodiet, migration and seasonality.

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Faculty Affiliates

David Reich | Harvard University Medical SchoolDavid Reich

Professor, Harvard Medical School

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Department Advisors

HEB Academic Advisor | Carole Hooven | Harvard UniverityCarole Hooven

Lecturer, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
Peabody Museum 52F
Email: hooven@fas.harvard.edu

Research Interests: Behavioral Endocrinology and evolution of sex differences in humans (physiology, behavior and cognition).

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HEB Academic Advisor | Katherine Katie Zink | Harvard University

Zarin Machanda

Lecturer, HEB Associate Concentration Advisor
Email: machanda@fas.harvard.edu | Website
Research interests: the evolution of male-female social relationships in primates, examining the function of such relationships and how they are formed and maintained.

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Lecturers & College Fellows

John C. Barry | Harvard UniversityJohn C. Barry

Lecturer, Director, Paleoanthropology Lab
Peabody Museum 40C | (617) 495-3720
Email: jcbarry@fas.harvard.edu

Research interests: primate evolution, paleontology, geology, paleoenvironments, Miocene hominoids; Parkistan, Southwestern America.

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Judith Chapman | Harvard UniversityJudith Flynn Chapman

Lecturer, Allston Burr Resident Dean, Quincy House.
Peabody Museum 55F | (617) 495-1679
Email: jflynnchapman@gmail.com

Research interests: Reproductive ecology.

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Lara Durgavich | Harvard UniversityLara Durgavich

College Fellow
Peabody Museum Rm. 56G | (617) 495-1679
Emai: ldurgavich@fas.harvard.edu

Research Interests: Great ape and human life history evolution (especially adolescence and the post-reproductive lifespan); reproductive and behavioral endocrinology; stress.

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Susan Lipson | Peter Ellison Lab | Harvard UniversitySusan F. Lipson

Lecturer, Senior Researcher, Reproductive Ecology Lab
Peabody Museum 56D | (617) 496-1038
Email: sflipson@fas.harvard.edu

Research interests: human behavioral and reproductive endocrinology, reproductive ecology.

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Stephanie Meredith | Harvard UniversityStephanie Meredith

College Fellow
Peabody Museum 50E | 617-496-4262
Email: stephaniemeredith@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: non-human primate development; proximate and ultimate causes of sex-typed behavior.

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Linda Reynard | Tuross | Harvard University

Linda Reynard

Lecturer, Research Associate, Lab Manager for the Biogeochemistry Lab
Peabody Museum 58H | 617-495-8053
Email: lreynard@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: The applications of stable isotope ratio measurements for bioarchaeology and low-temperature geochemistry.

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Anna Warrener | Daniel E. Lieberman Lab | Harvard University

Anna Warrener

Lecturer, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lab Manager for the Skeletal Biology Lab
Peabody Museum 53G | 617-496-8991
Email: awarrener@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: The interaction between body shape and individual kinematics in the control of frontal plane balance of the body during walking and running.

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Anna Warrener | Daniel E. Lieberman Lab | Harvard University

Katherine Zink

College Fellow
Peabody Museum 46 | (617) 496-4262
Email: kzink@oeb.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests:  Food processing techniques and their effects on hominid biology; specifically the effects of cooking on masticatory force production, bioavailability of nutrients, and skull and dental growth.

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