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Graduate Students

Picture of Brian Addison

Brian Addison

Email: baddison@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Cortical and trabecular bone as a biological tissue and engineering material.

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Picture of Bridget Alex

Bridget Alex

Email: balex@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Dietary and environmental reconstructions, stable isotopes, Paleolithic Europe.

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Picture of Cary Allen-BlevinsCary Allen-Blevins

Email: callenblevins@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Dietary effects on milk composition, milk sex bias, milk microbiota, behavioral effects and early formation of the gut microbiome.

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Picture of Alicia BreakeyAlicia Breakey

Email: breakey@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Labor and childbirth, doulas, pregnancy, lactation, stress, social support, mother-infant bonding, reproductive ecology, endocrinology, evolutionary medicine.

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Picture of Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Email: eabrown@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Human genetic evolution, specifically genetic evidence for recent adaptation in response to metabolic and dietary change.

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Picture of W. Eamon Callison

W. Eamon Callison

Email: wcallison@g.harvard.edu | Research interests: For my research, I intend to take an interdisciplinary approach to study how phenotypes change behavior and gave rise to complex social and biological identities within hominin species. I intend to explore how these processes have affected humans by studying the origins of bipedalism, post-cranial human morphology and physiology, skull morphology, and the links between them and the environment. Specifically, I am interested in investigating the evolution of the human breathing apparatus and applying this knowledge to further our understanding of notions of health and to help answer the question of what makes humans “human.”

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Picture of Katherine Carter

Katherine Carter

Email: carter@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: dental evolution and development, methods to quantify morphological variation, modularity and evolutionary plasticity.

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Picture of Eric Castillo

Eric Castillo

Email: ercastil@fas.harvard.edu | Website | Research interests: Biomechanics, functional morphology, experimental biology, mammalian locomotion, human and nonhuman primate evolution.

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Picture of Andrew Cunningham

Andrew Cunningham

Email: acunning@fas.harvard.edu | Behavioral & Nutritional Ecology LabResearch Interests: primate and human foraging and ecology, understanding how cooked foods might have played a role in driving human biology during hominin evolution.

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Picture of Heather Dingwall

Heather Dingwall

Email: hdingwall@fas.harvard.edu | Research Interests: biomechanics, functional morphology, evolution of human and nonhuman primate locomotion.

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Picture of Luke Glowaki

Luke Glowaki

Email: glowacki@fas.harvard.edu | Website | Research interests: Sociological models of cognitive evolution, coalitionary aggression, foragers, the collective action problem.

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Picture of Dan Green

Daniel Green

Email: drgreen@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Dental microstructure, isotopic chemistry, reconstruction of tooth growth and life history, human evolution in the

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Picture of Laura Klein

Laura Klein

Email: lauraklein@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Nutritional status and maternal resource allocation, immune function, long-term health impacts of the fetal environment, modern human dietary patterns, evolutionary medicine.

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Picture of Collin McCabe

Collin McCabe

Email: mccabe@fas.harvard.edu | Comparative Primatology Website | Research interests: Cultural and epidemiological transmission dynamics; parasitism in humans and primates; social learning, innovation, and the evolution of culture in humans, primates, and animals.

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Picture of Allison Moats

Allison Moats

Email: amoats@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Molecular biology, genetics, and their underlying influence over skeletal and muscular development.

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Picture of Erik Scully

Erik J. Scully

Email: scully@fas.harvard.edu | Research Interests: Non-human primate behavioral ecology, cooperation, hormonal correlates of coalitionary aggression, evolutionary game theory, intraspecific variation.

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Picture of Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

Email: faegre@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Human behavioral ecology and endocrinology, life history theory, evolution and mechanisms of cooperative breeding, immune function and life history trade-offs.

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Picture of Manvir Singh

Manvir Singh

Email: manvirsingh@fas.harvard.edu | Research Interests: Norms, conformity, egalitarianism, gerontocracies, and celebration.

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Picture of Claire Stingley

Claire Stingley

Email: cstingley@fas.harvard.edu | Research Interests: Human behavioral ecology and endocrinology, life history theory, comparative lactation biology, infant metabolic and behavioral development, environmental influences of milk composition, developmental origins of health and disease

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Picture of Sam Urlacher

Sam Urlacher

Email: urlacher@fas.harvard.edu | Research interests: Reproductive ecology and evolutionary life history theory, energetic and hormonal correlates of human growth and reproduction in small-scale societies.

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Picture of Mariel Williams

Mariel Williams

Research interests: I'm interested in functional genomics and investigating the genes that control specific skeletal features in humans and primates. These questions interest me because they have the potential to link genotype to phenotype, as well as microevolution to macroevolution.

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Picture of Andrew Yegian

Andrew Yegian

Email: ayegian@fas.harvard.edu| Research Interests: The  morphological adaptations for bipedal locomotion, specifically in the upper body, and the constraints energy and stability place on bipedal animals.

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Picture of Linda ReynardLinda Reynard

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lecturer
Lab Manager for the Biogeochemistry Lab
Peabody Museum 58H | 617-495-8053
Email: lreynard@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research interests: The applications of stable isotope ratio measurements for bioarchaeology and low-temperature geochemistry.

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Picture of Anna Warrener

Anna Warrener

Postdoc, Lecturer, Lab Manager for the Skeletal Biology Lab
Peabody Museum 53G | 617-496-8991
Email: awarrener@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research Interests: Human evolution, anatomy and movement. I study the interaction between musculoskeletal variation and locomotion using a combination of experimental biomechanics and medical imaging to develop hypotheses about how anatomy affects performance in both living humans and extinct hominins. 


Picture of Erik Otarola-Castillo

Erik Otarola-Castillo

Email: eotarolacastillo@fas.harvard.edu | Website

Research Interests:  I study the evolution, ecology and diversity of phenotypes and their effects on population and community dynamics. Particularly, I am interested in measuring the fitness effects of variation in resource availability and distribution on the co-evolution of morphology, foraging behavior, habitat choice, and life history of human and non-human primates. I integrate behavioral data from modern and prehistoric Homo populations, statistical methods, and optimization theory to answer evolutionary questions regarding morphology and foraging behavior as a response to ecological change.