HEB Graduate Student Open House


Thursday, November 4, 2021, 8:00pm to 9:30pm



What: HEB graduate program info session and virtual open house. Meet with faculty, chat with graduate students, learn about our program, and get all the information you need to apply!

Who: Anyone interested in deeply exploring how human evolution shapes our biology and culture. If you’ve ever considered pursuing a PhD and are interested in learning about our species through an evolutionary lens, take a look at our department.

When: Nov. 4, 8:00 pm EDT

Where: Zoom link- https://harvard.zoom.us/j/95908660019?pwd=Umh6R3N2QUpJWVFBdVAxazRyRlllQT09, Password: 182765

Why: Harvard's Human Evolutionary Biology Department would like to reach a more diverse pool of applicants who might be interested in our program. We are eager to welcome you to our second annual open house, both to learn about you and provide you with information about our department. 

How: You may attend by simply clicking on our Zoom link at the meeting start time. We highly encourage you to fill out the registration form (available via the registration tab above). This will help us to learn more about you, make the event as helpful as possible, and allow us to keep in touch with you. We will also incorporate your feedback as we design the event, so that we can best address your questions.