Rachna Reddy

Dr. Rachna Reddy

Postdoctoral Fellow
R. Reddy
I am a Mind Brain Behavior Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Evolutionary Biology and Psychology. My research aims to uncover an evolutionary basis for the role that social relationships play in human life. I study how and why our closest living relatives —chimpanzees and bonobos —form, break, and maintain social relationships throughout their long and complicated lives. I do so primarily by following individual apes in the wild. I have conducted field research on the Ngogo chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Uganda annually since 2013, and recently began a comparative study on wild bonobos in Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve in Democratic Republic of the Congo. In both populations I record the social behavior of individuals and examine its consequences for health, well-being, reproduction, and survival during development with a special focus on adolescence. In a second line of research, I investigate the cognitive aspects of social relationships using experimental approaches with humans as well as other primates.

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