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Administrative Staff

Natalie McKenna
Director of Administration
Peabody Museum 52D
(617) 496-1132

Monica Oyama
Financial Associate
Peabody Museum 52C
(617) 496-5043

Mallory McCoy
Academic Coordinator
Peabody Museum 52B
(617) 496-1193

Betty Hugh
Administrative Assistant
Museum of Comparative Zoology 540A
(617) 998-1456


Department Chair

Professor Joseph Henrich
MCZ 533 D
(617) 384-8640 


Director of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies

Professor Dan Lieberman
Peabody Museum 53H
(617) 495 5479


Mailing address

Department of Human Evolutionary Biology
Peabody Museum, 5th Floor
11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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