Genetics and Genomics

Research in HEB on human and non-human primate genetics and genomics integrates research from multiple scientific fields such as genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology, comparative genomics, functional genomics, bioinformatics, and primate biology in order to connect genotype to phenotype by elucidating the DNA base-pairs that mediate primate traits.

Major topics of research include:

  • Functional genetics and genomics of limb joint formation and human osteoarthritis risk
  • Functional genetics and genomics of muscolo-skeletal pelvic formation, the evolution of bipedality, and human birth
  • Genetic basis of human specific traits
  • The functional oral and fecal microbiome
  • Genetics of metabolic adaptations and natural selection
  • Molecular biology and evolution of primates, specifically Great Apes and humans 
  • Development of ancient biomolecule techniques
  • Ancient pathogen identification and evolution